I am a Pune based Photographer who takes immense pleasure in capturing beautiful moments around. Every passing day, making me a better photographer, I have been doing it professionally since last 5 years. Photography leads me to explore new horizons in life. These have been the most beautiful years in my life. For me, being a photographer was never a planned decision. It just happens to be one of the beautiful turns life took!

I come from a small town in Maharashtra, Vaduj where I spent my school life and those early years have made me the person I am today. Back then, when photography was hardly a glamorous field as it is today, my only acquaintance with it was through the photo studio in town. Like most other members of the herd, I simply carried on with the traditional Education Path. Meanwhile, visiting places in and around Vaduj, I had begun clicking around with the mobile camera. When exactly did I fall in love with these amazing art is still a mystery to me. While this went on for quite some time, my father realised my penchant for photography and gifted me my first ‘point and shoot’ camera.